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Our Philoptohos (Ladies Auxiliary) has for decades been a most crucial aspect of this communities goodwill and charity drive.

Comprised of our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and nieces, they are ready to provide support where it's needed - without hesitation and without compromise.

To preserve the sacredness of the Orthodox family through family concern, service, and unity of action.

To aid anyone who may need the help of the Church.

To promote the philanthropic purposes of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto  -Canada.

To support participation in the activities of the Greek Orthodox community with the cooperation of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council.

Philoptohos: Services


Celebrated: February 19th
Patron Saint of the Philoptochos of Canada

Απολυτίκιον (Ήχος πλ. α') 
Φιλοπτώχων προστάτιδα ευφημήσωμεν, Φιλοθέην αγνήν την οσιομάρτυρα, πλούτον πάντα ενδεέσιν κατηνάλωσε, εκδιδάσκουσα ημάς αγαπάν και βοηθείν πτωχούς και εμπεριστάτους. Και νυν πρεσβεύει τω Κυρίω διδόναι πάσι χάριν και έλεος.

Philoptohos: Welcome
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