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School & Program Registration


We would like to thank you for your support and feedback as we work together to start the new School Year. Please read the following in regards to the new school year: 

1.         Safety precautions/protocols (physical distancing, sanitization, masks, etc.):


We are following the guidelines set by the Provincial and Federal Health Authorities, BC CDC and Worksafe BC as well as may be adding some extra precautions of our own.

2.         Class Schedule:

After much deliberation with our teachers, we have decided to begin the year with our classes being held in-class. This, of course, depends on the conditions that we will be facing during the year.

Please submit your registration now.  It is imperative that we know the number of students per class in order to arrange teacher’s assignments, to prepare for instruction and to further ensure that a Covid-19 safe plan is in place for students upon their return to the classroom. All this will take some time and therefore we kindly request you act fast. 

Please note the Schedule is always subject to change depending on student enrollment.

Returning students should register for their regular days from last school year (when possible).  Students will be placed in the same class (for the most part) in order to continue with the curriculum where it was left off pre-Covid.  In this way, they will be reviewing what was completed last year and carry into the new curriculum for this year.  Please note that some classes may have a different teacher. In any case, teachers will be reaching out to their classes with more information via email sometime in mid-September.

3.         In-Class instruction:

We plan to follow suit with the B.C Provincial School system; therefore, in-person instruction will be for all students starting September.  Please feel free to contact the School Committee with any suggestions and/or concerns.

4.         Start of classes/Arrival & Pick-Up:

Arrival: Please do not drop off your child to school earlier than 4:15 p.m.  Students will have designated line-up areas.  Parents will wait in cars until a teacher or another volunteer begins the entry process.  Please do not drop off and drive away unless you see a designated adult with your child. Please try to arrive on time. 

Pick-up: Parents will wait outside for their children at the end of class and in their cars as much as possible.

Our #1 priority is the safety of our children, staff and members of our community.  We would like to thank you for your patience during this time.  We also encourage parents to come forward and help with these changes and we are open to any advice. 

5.         New Families to our Greek School – Membership:

New families joining our School and Community, will have a pro-rated rate from September 2021 to December 2021, plus the 2022 membership due at time of registration.

6.         Volunteer Opportunities:

We will be providing as many volunteer opportunities as possible. 

With God's grace we will have a great year! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!





Greek School Committee

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