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Pre-School (Pre-JK to 5 years old)

Programs for our most junior parishioners focus on educating them on the different religious and cultural aspects of the community. Programs for this age group include: JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth), GODS Kids, Sunday School, and Dance. If you would like to register for any of these programs, please contact us at the community office or email us at:


A program focused on educating our pre-JKs on the Orthodox Faith and Greek language. Click for more information and sign up today!

Sunday School

Sunday School is for youth ages 5 - 12 years old. It provides a more informative, class-like environment where youth learn about the Bible, the services, and the faith. They also focus on prayers and the gospel readings on their respective Sundays.


Our program is focused on teaching youth of different ages traditional Greek dance. This group is the most introductory group and focuses mainly on line formation and basic moves.

For more info, call our office at 604-438-6432.


Are your kids interested in learning more about the faith, having fun, and making new friends? Then this is the program for you! JOY aims to educate youth about the faith, create an environment where they can not only learn, but develop spiritually while meeting and getting to know their fellow parishioners. During the course of this program, youth will be taught about church history, important facts about the Faith, and what it means to be an Orthodox Christian. Youth will also be given the chance to meet other youth through group outings (laser tag and skating for example) and group games.

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