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New Council Sworn In

On Sunday, March 13, the new Council took the Oath of Office at the end of the Divine Liturgy. The new members of Council are as follows:

Executive Board 

President : Nicholas Kasidoulis

Vice President : Maria Avgerinos

Treasurer : Alex Tsoukalas

Secretary : Aphrodite Koseos

Council Members

Georgia Gasiorowski 

Dr. Adly Georgi

Chrysoula Gonidakis

Stella Kasidoulis

Nikos Kefalas 

Maria Koroneos

Voula Zerbinos

Socratis Zoubos

Congratulations to them all!

God bless!

2022-23 Council.jpg

School & Amenity Building Update 

Click on the "Project Timeline" link for more information about how we are progressing. We're almost there!

Project Lead for G.O.C.O.E.V.

Nicholas Kasidoulis 

Project Architect and Professional on Record 

Erika Gerson, Architect AIBC

Boni•Maddison Architects

3732 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. , V6R 2C1


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