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Membership Information

Member Services


Many of our communities services are only available to our Members.

To be married, participate in a baptism or other religious service, enroll a child into a Community Program, a Membership is required.


Members are also entitled to voting rights, speaking opportunities, and exposure to some of our Societies records and Documentations.

Member Participation


As a Society incorporated in British Columbia, we are reliant on our Members participation and volunteer efforts.


Our Members understand the importance of their co-operation and efforts.  Without them fundraisers would never be organized, programs would not be created or managed, and our ever expanding community would not be possible



Annual Membership Types

Memberships are paid for the calendar year, January to December

Single Membership - $75 / person

For any single adult who is 19 years of age or older (except seniors).

Family Membership  - $135 / family

You will be entitled to a vote for each parent participating at any of our meetings, and children will be entitled for enrolement and participation to services that are offered by our Community.

Seniors  - $40 / person ( $80 / couple )

For people who are 60 years of age or older

How do I become a member?



Apply & Pay On-Line

Apply and Make the payment on-line

Simply click the button below 

Visit Us 

Visit us during the week.  Our Office is open from 10am until 3pm on most week days.  We encourage you to call first.  

Useful Links for our Members

Uniform Community Regulations of the G.O. Archdiocese

Our Community Constitution

C.R.A. Charity Status Link

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