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online live services 

This service is in its test phase and we welcome your input and suggestions to make it better.

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We are happy to provide this live-stream service for you and your family for no charge. 

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”Let Light Shine Out of Darkeness”:

Lighting Your Candles 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, where our services are only online, we can light candles for you before every service. With this act of prayer, we are trying to help many of you who are self-isolating or taking care of loved ones.
To offer a donation for our Church, please click the FLASH DONATION tab on this page .

We ask God to bless all our families and the entire world, as we look to Him to “let Light shine out of darkness” (2 Corinthians 4:6).

Give Back To Your Community 

This is also a time we would ask that you consider assisting us in this critical time with a donation that can be easily made by “clicking” the Donate Now button below.

As you can imagine, we are solely dependent on the generosity / fellowship of our Members and Parishioners thus your contribution would ensure that we can maintain our financial responsibilities and obligations in the coming months. 

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In the event this live-stream is interrupted or you experience delays, we recommend that you  re-load the page.

It may take anywhere between 30 seconds and up to 5 minutes to rectify the problem.

Prayer Requests
If you would like Fr. Tim to pray for your family and friends during the services, please fill out the following form. Those who have passed away should have a "+" next to their name. God bless you! 

God bless you!