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High School (13-17 years old)

Since high school  is a time where kids shape their future, it's important for our teenagers to have a strong connection to their Greek Orthodox faith and culture. Our Church has two main programs for our high school youth. To teach them more about their faith, our Community has a GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association) group, while Greek Dance will focus on our rich Greek culture. Both programs are free for all our members.


At GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association), teenagers ages 13 to 17 are taught about the various tenets of the Orthodox faith in a fun and interactive way. The program is designed for our youth to grow spiritually, all the while getting to know other kids their own age. Youth will also participate in age-appropriate group outings (laser tag and skating, for example). 

GOYA takes place every other Monday at the hall of our Community, right after Dance (except for statutory holidays).  


A great way to appreciate our Greek culture, we are offering our dance program to all teenagers of our Community! Our program is focused on teaching traditional dances from various regions of Greece. Dance practices take place every week, except statutory holidays. 

To participate in the program, you must be a member of our Community. Cost is $25/month. Note: if a member of the Greek school, payment is included in the school year fees. 

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