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Elementary School (6-12 years old)

Learning about your Faith and culture should start from a young age. Programs for our Elementary School youth focus on educating them on the different religious and cultural aspects of our rich Greek Orthodox heritage. Integrating Youth, Sunday School and Dance are the strategy this year. Although not obligatory, we highly encourage all our youth to participate in all the programs, which are offered free to all our members. This way, we reach our common goal of learning about God, appreciating our culture, and making new friends to last a lifetime! 

Sunday School

Sunday School is for youth 6 to 12 years old. It provides a more informative, class-like environment where youth learn about the Bible, the services, and the basics of the Orthodox faith. Sunday School begins after students receive Holy Communion. It is approximately 30 minutes, and takes place in the classroom (next to the office). This program happens three times a month. See you there!


At Junior Orthodox Youth (JOY), kids ages 6 to 12 come together to apply the lessons learned at Sunday School. We strive to have an environment where our youth not only learn, but develop spiritually while meeting and getting to know other kids. Youth will also participate in group outings (laser tag and skating, for example) and group games.


Our Community's Dance Academy, Tharros, teaches a wide group of ages - from young kids to adults. For this age group, the program teaches Greek dance in a fun and interactive way for all kids to enjoy!

To participate in the program, you must be a member of our Community. Cost is $25/month. Note: if a member of the Greek school, payment is included in the school year fees. 

Storybook Sunday

Storybook Sunday is a way to teach younger kids about the Bible and lives of the Saints, concluding with an interactive Q-and-A with Fr. Tim. It happens once a month at the end of the Divine Liturgy.

Although the program was made for elementary school kids, we also are happy to have toddlers come too. 

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