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The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has recently allowed places of worship to hold services outdoors. The rules are different than those we had previously. They include:

- Everyone must pre-register to attend

- Masks must be worn by everyone (even though it is outside)

- Only people in the same household may sit together

- There are a limited number of seats

- All attendees must go through a health check to attend the service

- After the service is done, attendees must go immediately to their cars


   Services outside will be held at our Church on Sundays and Fridays. We will still be broadcasting the services via our website and Facebook page.


   For all outdoor services, please come dressed for the weather, bringing an umbrella for light showers. If there are thunderstorms, the service will be held inside with no in-person worship.

Please call the office between Tuesday and Thursday to book your seat.


   To make sure we adhere to the PHO rules, you will be assigned a seat. If you are not able to attend, please call the office by Friday at noon, to give your space to someone else.


   In order to allow as many parishioners to attend as possible, you can add your name to a "wait list" if you attended the previous week.


   We are not pre-booking for any Palm Sunday and Holy Week services at this time.


   Please note that private prayer and reflection inside the Church is still allowed by the PHO, which will be available to all after the services.


   Finally, as the PHO rules could change at any time, these rules are subject to change.


   We have not been in our Church for a service together since November. For this blessing of gathering together, we should be thankful to God and our Patron Saints.


   In advance, thank you for your patience and understanding.


   Keep the Faith. Stay healthy. Stay safe.


- Fr. Tim

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