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Youth Events -

Dates & Announcements



From September 27th, we will be starting our Catechism programs to our kids and youth with Virtual Sunday School and Storybook Sunday! Sunday School will be held via Zoom, while Storybook Sunday will be both in-person (for the kids that are at Church) and via Zoom. Here are the dates for these programs until Christmas: 

- November 1st: Storybook Sunday

- November 8th: Sunday School

- November 15th: Storybook Sunday

- November 22nd: Storybook Sunday

- November 29th: Sunday School 

- December 6th: Family Worship Day 

- December 13th: Storybook Sunday

- December 20th: Sunday School 

COVID-19 and all other Programs 

As COVID-19 is a public health emergency, all programs are cancelled until further notice.

Please pray for all people - those affected by the virus, doctors, nurses, hospital employees, and scientists working on a cure! God bless you! 


Youth and Dance

Days we have Youth and Dance, the program is as follows: 

JOY (7-11 years old)

Dance 7-8 pm -- Fridays

GOYA (12-17 years old)

Dance 7:30 - 8:30 pm



The days we only have Greek Traditional Dance, the program is as follows:

JOY (7-11 years old)6:30-7:30 pm

GOYA (12-17 years old)7:30 - 8:30 pm


Sunday School

Sunday School begins after Holy Communion on Sundays for approximately 30 minutes. All kids 5 years old and up are welcome! Once a month, we have Storybook Sunday, where all kids are welcome to hear a story from Fr. Tim after Liturgy. For more information, please see our Sunday School Director, Mrs. Soula Kavouras. 

Want to help us out? Donate!

Would you like to help to support the programs of our church? Email us at or speak with either Fr. Tim or one of our leaders!

We appreciate any kind of support to our programs, be it donations, bringing your kids to events, or volunteering. 

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