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Welcome to our

Welcome to our Community! 

Thank you for visiting the Greek Orthodox Community of East Vancouver online. We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of service opportunities, worship, and fellowship available. Read more about our community and church on this site, or come in for a visit.

Καλώς ήλθατε στην ιστοσελίδα της Ελληνικής Ορθόδοξης Κοινότητας Ανατολικού Βανκούβερ! 

Sacrament Bookings

As you prepare for an important milestone in your family's life, book your wedding and baptism today! Our bilingual services help you and your guests connect spiritually, having a better appreciation of the Sacrament and celebrating with you.

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After Liturgy, Fr. Tim speaks to our young parishioners (usually about the Gospel), followed by a lesson and a fun craft downstairs.

Join us - and bring a friend!

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Program of Services

Saturday, June 3: Saturday of the Souls

Matins, Divine Liturgy and Memorial Service 8:30-11 am 

Sunday, June 4: Pentecost (Trinity Sunday) 

Matins, Divine Liturgy and Kneeling Vespers of the Holy Spirit 8:30 - 11:45 am

** No fasting this week ** 

Monday, June 5: Monday of the Holy Spirit, St. Dorotheos of Tyre

Matins, Divine Liturgy & Artoklasia Service in Mission, BC 

Sunday, June 12: 1st Sunday of Matthew - All Saints Day

Matins and Divine Liturgy 8:30 - 11:30 am

The Faith of the Apostles

Founded by Jesus Christ, the early Orthodox Church continues today. Our community is one of many that profess the Nicene Creed, a foundational document of the Orthodox Church. This states what we believe as Orthodox, based in Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. A small synopsis of the Creed can be found below, along with other sites to help you in your spiritual journey.

Those looking to become Orthodox - or even have an interest in the Faith - can contact our Parish Priest for more information.

We hope to see you on Sunday and feastdays in worship, along with the other activities our Community offers!

Upcoming Services (with service texts in Greek and English)

Sunday, April 30

Myrrhbearers Sunday

Matins and Divine Liturgy

8:30-11:15 am

** Kids Korner after Liturgy


Sunday, May 7

Sunday of the Paralytic

Matins and Divine Liturgy

8:30-11:15 am

** Kids Korner after Liturgy


We Are Here!

Tuesday, May 9 in the Evening

Mid-Pentecost -

Evening Divine Liturgy

Evening Divine Liturgy

6:30-8:00 pm


Saturday, May 20 in the Evening

Sts. Constantine and Helen - Great Vespers

At Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Surrey

Sts Constantine and Helen_edited.jpg

Sunday, May 14

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Matins and Divine Liturgy

8:30-11:15 am

** Kids Korner after Liturgy


Sunday, May 21

Sunday of the

Blind Man &

Sts. Constantine and Helen

Matins and Divine Liturgy

8:30-11:15 am

Sts Constantine and Helen_edited.jpg

Greek Orthodox Community of East Vancouver

4541 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC   V5R 2N5


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