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Progress Update for St. Nicholas and Dimitrios New Building Annex School, Seniors Lounge, Play Space
A proposed four classroom, plus one Seniors Lounge space designed to accommodate our Communities growing needs and programs.  A building with the intent to be an advanced and inspiring learning center with modern education, equipment, and internet infrastructure to secure our youth and Senior programs for decades to come.
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November 2014

- Concept of a joint School / Seniors Lounge introduced at the Annual General Meeting of Members by Secretary Elect Konstantin Nikolaou 

- Project Lead Nicholas Kasadoulis appointed by Membership to oversee project

April 2015 - January 2016

- Council and Committee reviews , concept development, plan of action installed. 

- Multiple meetings with designers, engineers and community members.

January 2016

-Special General Meeting of Members called.

- Project Approved for Advanced Design and Finance procurement  

February 2016

- Architect Boni-Maddison hired to prepare preliminary plans and drawings and address Development Permit needs  

April 2016

- Project Financing Approved at General Meeting of Members ( 99% Membership Approval)

- Conceptual Drawings and Sketches presented to Membership

January 2017

- "Prior to" Letter received from City of Vancouver Planning Staff

March 2017 

- Board of Variance for City of Vancouver Approves proposal with conditions

April 2017 

- Critical vote from Membership at Annual General Meeting of Members (April 2nd, 2017)

- Vote was unsuccessful

 - C.O.V. Scheduled Development Permit for April 2017 Postponed 

June 2017 (Special General Meeting) 

- Special General Meeting called 

- Membership passed resolution to move project forward 

- Membership passed resolution to amalgamate properties as per C.O.V. conditions

- New Development Permit Application date TBA 

Nov 2017 

- Properties amalgamated  

December 2017  

- C.O.V. Development Permit  Application filed 

- Issue for Tender Drawings commissioned 

December 2018 

- Development Permit Received 

- Building Permit Received  

- Bidding in progress 

January 2019 

- Tenant applications being accepted 

-  Design Finalization  


March 2019  

- Excavation commences  

April 02, 2019  (Annual General Meeting) 

- Special Resolution to extend loan amount for additional funding rejected by Membership 

May, 2019  

- May 9, 2019 (Special General Meeting) called by Community Council to determine future of School Building Project ​results in affirmation by community to continue with the project , and directs the Council to secure additional financing to complete the work. 

- May 15, 2019 His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios Athanassoulas. of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) formally contacts President Konstantin Nikolaou with a message to the Community to proceed with the building now that affirmation by membership is concluded.   

- July 2019 Cornerstone Blessing conducted by His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios Athanassoulas

- September 2019 - Framing commences 

- October 15, 2019 - Daycare Provider signed on 

- December 2019 - Roof, Windows installed 

All renderings displayed herein are property of the Greek Orthodox Community of East Vancouver and may not be reproduced without expressed written consent from Council.

These renderings are conceptual and the final completed project may differ from the sketches presented on this web page.

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