The Greek Orthodox Community of East Vancouver is rich in

heritage and culture.


We were Incorporated in June of 1978 and have maintained

a strong presence in representing Greek Canadians, Hellenic

Culture and the Greek Orthodox Religion within the

Greater Vancouver Area.  We operate under the Uniform Community Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Metropilis of Toronto (Canada).


Our mandate is clear and within our Mission Statement to "provide a Community , House of Worship, and a Greek School that encompasses our members Greek Orthodox Heritage. Through works of charity and uniting for common causes, we aspire to lead by example for generations to come."


Funding for our Church and Educational Programs are secured by :

* Membership Dues

* Church Services - Weddings, Baptisms, Memorials etc..

* School & Program fees

* Personal and Corporate Donation

* Sunday Service collections and candle sales

* Annual & Special Fundraising Dinners / Events

* Hall rental revenue


While Church and Religious services are maintained by our Reverend Fr. Timoleon Prattas, the communities membership has an elected board of directors that governs and oversees operational and budget responsibilities as required under our Societies constitution and British Columbia Registrar regulations.


About Us

The Current Board of Directors as Elected on December 18, 2016:


Executive Board 

President : Konstantin (Kostas) Nikolaou

Vice President : Nicholas Kasidoulis 

Treasurer : Maria Avgerinos 

Secretary : Georgia Pahou

Special Commitee / Program Administrators

Educational Committee Chair - Chrysoula Gonidakis  

Director of Building Operations - Overseen by Exec. Board 

Entertainment Committee Chair - Overseen by Exec. Board 

New Building Project Lead - Nicholas Kasidoulis (Appointed by AGM Dec 2014)

Council Members

Marinos Anagnostopoulos

Alkis Dimopoulos

Georgia Gasiorowski 

Chrysoula Gonidakis 

Helen Ismirnioglou 

Stella Kasidoulis

Nikos Kefalas 

Maria Koroneos

Voula Sidiqqui

Alex Tsoukalas


Educational Programs

Church Services

Hall Rentals



Helping Out

C.R.A. Charity Status Link

Link to our Constitution


Link to the Uniform Community Regulations of the G.O. Archdiocese

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